When being a big beer fan as i am, you also do come across some absolutely shity beers sometimes, but i got the rule, you don´t waste alcohol, so i always have to drink up, dost matter how bad it is, i have to empty it.

5 worst beer in the world!

5.Foster Lager, Australia

Pale Lager 4.9%

So bland and watery it’s almost criminal, tastes like cardboard and that’s being generous.
Sold in Europe as an Australian beer, but dost seem like the people in Oz approve on that, its with good reason they don´t sell it in OZ.

5 worst beer in the world!

4.Budweiser, The American one

Pale Lager 5%
Horrible taste, not much aroma, and frankly not much of anything offered to attract me to drinking it,  your better of drinking tap-water.


3. Weidmann ultra strong beer. Netherlands

Malt Liquor, 14%

Not sure if i can call this a beer, but its just awful. Its just to strong for me to be able to drink it.


2. Rignes. Norway

Pilsner 4.5%

For some strange reason this is most common beer back home in Norway,
but its so freaking bad, and for some reason this is the most common beer in Norway, when they do.  Its much worse as draft then on bottle.


1. SiamSato. Thailand

Specialty Grain 8%

Nor sure if this can be called a beer, its some of the worst thing i have ever tasted my whole life, its just disgusting, It was so bad that i had to go back to 7/11 and buy a second bottle, coz i couldn’t believe a beer could be that bad, i was sure something was wrong with bottle nr 1, but bottle nr 2. tasted just as bad. In a few of the hostels in have stayed in Thailand we had a competition, the one that manage to drink the most of this beer, will get all his/her beer paid for by the rest of the people in the hostel for the rest of the evening