This is a city with a long history; this is a picturesque city; this is a city of the reputation “an earthly paradise”. Because of the West Lake, it is a paradise on the earth. This is Hangzhou!

Hangzhou is located in the north end of southeast China. The proverb “Heaven is above the sky while Hangzhou is down here” well expresses people’s sincere appreciation to this ancient city. Let us start with Hangzhou tour now!

In the south region of Long River, different cities still vary a lot, though sharing the same gentleness. If take Suzhou in comparison to Hangzhou, I would not judge, but Suzhou is more delicate while Hangzhou is more natural. So in Suzhou, you find your eyes filled with fantastic views, while in Hangzhou, you are in the view. I prefer Hangzhou, for its freedom.


In every travel journal, the cuisine photos have always been the most appealing part, recalling the fantastic bites of exotic specialties. Well before modern age, the reputation of fresh shrinks, freshwater fish and lotus roots has been spreading all over the country. What’s unique about Hangbang cuisine is far more than the look, smell and taste, but the classical allusions behind the food itself.