A destination steeped in history

A destination steeped in history, rich in culture and filled with some amazing sights and attractions, Athens is a hugely popular holiday destination. This is a bustling city soaked in glorious sunshine, with breathtaking sights, exciting adventures, and thousands of years of heritage.

The capital city of Greece, Athens has been called the cradle of Western civilisation, which provides an insight into the length of its history. People flock to Athens for a variety of reasons, which means that visitors there are made up of people from all walks of life. Whether you are a history buff, a culture vulture, a sun-worshipper, or someone just looking for a great time with vibrant nightlife, you will find everything you want in Athens.

How to make the most of your three-day Athens trip

Not everyone who travels to Athens is able to stay for a lengthy period. For those who are only planning to be in the city for a few days, you need to make the most of your short time in this stunning destination.

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Day 1 – Explore the local area and enjoy taking in the nightlife

Once you arrive in Athens on your trip, you will be raring to go and explore all this great, dusty metropolis has to offer. You may be more limited for time on your first day, depending on what time you arrive so it is best to stick to more local sights to start. At the centre of Athens you will find Sintagma Square, which is a great place to start. Here, you will find an assortment of historic buildings to explore as well as the arts focused ‘museums in motion’. If you make your way to Kolonaki, you will also be able to do a little browsing at one of the numerous shops. This can be topped off with a refreshing glass of kitron and an excellent mezé at one of the local cafés or restaurants.

Once evening hits, take some time to explore the exciting nightlife here. You will find an array of clubs and bars that will enable you to unwind and really let your hair down. Hugely popular nightclubs such as Loud Mansion provide you with pulsing music and an electrifying atmosphere, with the revelry continuing until the early hours. Psiri is another great place to go to for some raucous revelry, with plenty of options available catering for a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Day 2 – A day of adventure

With a full day at your disposal, take the time to enjoy excitement and adventure with some serious exploration. A visit to the sites and historical attractions around the Acropolis is a must while you’re in Athens, so this is a great place to head after you’ve kicked off your day with some strong and aromatic Greek coffee and perhaps some figs in honey at your hotel or one of the local eateries. Take in the magnificent ruins, the many temples and the Parthenon as well as the Ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus. Also, keep some time aside to visit museums such as the Acropolis Museum, or for those with kids, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art.

A visit to Plaka will give you a taste and feel of local tradition and culture, allowing you to feel part of this fascinating destination. You can stop off for lunch at one of the local tavernas before resuming your day of exploration and adventure. While in Plaka, head to the tiny neighbourhood of Anafiotika; an attractive and picturesque place where you will find some incredible ancient monuments as well as colourful houses and diverse culture.

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Day 3 – Relax and unwind

Your final day in Athens should be reserved for relaxation and fun before you hit the road again (or head to the airport, as the case may be). Athens has some stunning beaches 40 or so minutes’ drive out of town, so slap on your sunscreen, get into your swimwear and head for the custard-coloured sands and azure surf. After your previous day of exploration, you will be ready to kick back and let those aching muscles take a break.

In the afternoon, you can take a stroll around the local shops, which will vary based on which part of Athens you are staying in. Glyfada is a great place to enjoy a unique shopping experience, so hop on a tram or call a taxi and get yourself to this vibrant town. Here you will find a variety of stores where you can pick up all sorts of goods, including local handicrafts and lace. You will also find the Glyfada Golf Course located here, so if you are a keen golfer this is the ideal place to tee off for some gentle and relaxing recreation.

In the evening, it’s best to avoid a late night with partying and clubs if you have an early start the next day. So, head to a local restaurant and enjoy sampling some authentic Greek food such as Dakos (Cretan salad) and Gemista (baked, stuffed vegetables) and maybe a glass (or two) of ouzo, before heading back to your hotel to pack.

Take a package holiday to Greece, and even with only three days in Athens, you can still find time to explore the history, experience the culture and cuisine, enjoy the beaches and nightlife, and even get time to do a little shopping along the way.