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Travel Tips

The Best Travel Adapters

From jet lag to culture shock, international travel comes with some challenges. If you fail to pack a travel adapter or two in your luggage, you will be facing...

Travel Tips

The Best Passport Holders

Buying Guide for Passport Holders

Why buy a passport holder?
Whether you travel for pleasure or business, it’s important to plan ahead. One item that...

Travel Tips

The Best Carry-On Bags

Buying Guide for Carry-On Bags

Why buy a carry-on bag?
A nice carry-on bag provides convenience for long flights and saves money if you don’t need to...

Travel Tips

The Best Toothbrush Covers

Buying Guide for Toothbrush Covers

Why buy a toothbrush cover?
Bacteria and gunk may accumulate on a wide range of surfaces around your home, which can...

Travel Tips

The Best Travel Soap Cases

Buying Guide for Travel Soap Cases

Why buy a travel soap case?
The truth is that a used bar of soap will leave behind residue inside your travel bag. However...

World Scenery


I knew the Louvre was going to be huge. I knew the seven hours I planned to spend there wasn’t going to be nearly enough. But I never thought I’d walk away...


Apres-Ski at Lake Tahoe is Hot!

At last! It’s time to pack up the skis, snowboards and tire chains, (and the kids), as the snow piles up at Lake Tahoe. World-famous for major ski resorts...