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Rome Cooking and Market Tour

Offered by the exceptional tour company Context Travel, the half-day Rome Cooking and Market Tour is a must for foodies who would love to learn about Roman cuisine. Led by Chiara Sulli, a local expert, a group of no more than six are led from the Testaccio quarter––the heart of traditional Roman gastronomy to the new Trionfale Market to browse stalls displaying seasonal veggies, herbs, fruits, meats  and cheeses. Fabulous food shops are on the expedition, too, such as the famous Gastronomia Volpetti, a favorite for cheese, bread, and cured meats.

In her kitchen on Aventine Hill, Chef Daniela del Balzo talks about the history of Roman Cuisine, while a small group helps prepare seasonal ingredients.Chef del Balzo in Rome

In the chef’s kitchen, on Aventine Hill in the heart of the ancient city, you unpack the fresh provisions and cook or assemble seasonal, local dishes together — maybe a frittata con zucchine romaneschewith fresh tomato sauce or all’amatriciana or cacio e pepe; insalata caprese, pasta e fagioli with fresh borlotti beans, pizza bianca with prosciutto and fresh figs, green beans stewed with green onion and tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, fried zucchini flowers, puntarelle con la salsa, or carciofi alla romana!

Born in Naples, Chef Daniela del Balzo studied at the renowned Italian Cooking School Gambero Rosso, the French Culinary Arts School Le Cordon Bleu, and the International Cooking School of Naples. “Daniela’s Cooking School” is her in-home catering and personal chef company.

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