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How to Clean a Travel Neck Pillow

A neck pillow and sleep mask.

Your trusty travel neck pillow has accompanied you on countless adventures, providing comfort and support all along the way. But let’s face it, after those long journeys, that pillow is in desperate need of some TLC.

Thankfully, you can easily clean your travel neck pillow in the washing machine, by hand, or with disinfectant.

The method you choose largely depends on the material of your travel pillow (mainly, is it safe to put in the washing machine), the level of soilage, and your personal washing preference. The most convenient option is to toss it in your washing machine, but you want to be sure you always wash your travel pillow correctly.

Start by reading the label and following any instructions provided. For machine washing, stick to cold or warm water and use a mild detergent. You can easily air-dry your pillow or toss it into the dryer on a gentle cycle. Make sure it’s fully dry before wearing your travel pillow.

For hand washing, you can grab a wet cleaning cloth and some mild detergent mixed with water. Wet the cloth in your cleaning solution, then gently scrub the outside of your pillow to remove dirt and stains. Next, use a clean, wet cloth to wash off any remaining soap before air drying.

If you’re simply disinfecting your travel pillow in-between washings, try a disinfecting spray suitable for soft surfaces. Spray a layer over the entire pillow and let it fully dry before packing for a trip.