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This Viral Duffel Bag Can Turn Into a Garment Bag

A woman carries a duffle bag by the handles, a person packs a duffle bag, and a person carries a duffle bag over their shoulder.

There’s no shortage of incredible travel accessories on the market. From suitcases and carry-ons to toiletry storage and phone chargers, there are some necessities. Now, there is a new travel must-have thanks to a viral video with a cool 1.1 million views.

Content creator @heysweetkay highlighted a duffel bag that can transform into a garment bag with a few cleverly placed zippers.

In her video, @heysweetkay—whose name is Katie—showcases the Ytonet Carry-On Garment and Duffel Bag. The piece features a wide, rectangular shape with two short handles on the top and an option to add a longer strap for over-the-shoulder carrying.

Then, steadily, Katie unzips the top of the bag as usual before moving onto the sides. The bag falls open flat, she rotates it, and you can immediately see the transformation into a garment bag.

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Once the bag is fully unzipped, you can unsnap the top and bottom sections to extend its length and create an opening for a hanger. There’s also a clip inside where clothes can be hung. Essentially, if someone is traveling for a wedding, business, or more formal occasion, the garment bag is the perfect way to avoid wrinkled, messy clothes.

But it’s not just the garment bag. The duffel is also incredibly useful. The bag can fit up to three days of clothing thanks to a large center compartment. Plus, within the interior, there are also side pockets for items like toiletries and tech. Plus, it comes in five different colors including a cute blush pink and a more neutral tan.

If you plan to travel in 2023 or have a slate of upcoming weddings, this handy, viral travel bag is the way to go.